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With us, everyone has something to do

Shuffleboard - Pinball - Billiards - Arcade - Board games

In addition to our large TV screens where we show the best matches, you also have access to various activities. A selection of these are shuffleboard, billiards, arcade games, board games and pinball.

Challenge the boss at an After Work or why not compete with the group of friends and round off with a juicy hamburger or a perfectly cooked Neapolitan pizza?

It's never boring with us!


Our wide range of activities

It´s time to Beer´n Play!

Shuffle board

We have four shuffleboards - you collect the kit at the bar.

Friday & Saturday, the price per hour is SEK 75 per person or SEK 250 for 4 players.
Other days SEK 50 per person or SEK 150 for 4 players.



You buy tokens in the change machine or in the bar.

SEK 20 per game.


Play Game of Thrones pinball, or Guardians of the Galaxy.

You buy tokens in the change machine or in the bar.

Arcade game

We have classic arcade games and modern favorites like Bishi Bashi and Terminator.

Games that make you sweat! Test your super strength with our boxing game or
shoot some three pointers with our basketball game. Or why not a fast-paced Air-Hockey match?

We also have the classic Atari Pong game in the latest version.

Board games

We have lots of modern and classic board games.
Below you will find a selection of our board games:

Alphabet (SW), Backgammon (EN), Beer crafters (EN), Big Bang Theory (EN),

Black Stories (SW), Cards Against Humanity (EN), Card Deck, Chess Set,

Dixit (SW), Exploding Kittens (EN), Fix the World (EN), Hive (EN),

I Should Have Known That (EN), Lost Cities (EN), Munchkin Zombies (EN),

Pick Your Poison (EN), Settlers of Catan (SW), Shit Happens (EN),

Trivial Pursuit (EN), Tsuro (EN), Unlock (EN)


Good selection, right?

All board games are free to play.

We just ask that you be careful with the games and that you leave an ID card as a deposit.

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